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We like serving others. Whether it is working through a difficult recruiting issue, solving a particular business challenge, or volunteering in the community, we get great personal satisfaction in knowing that our efforts make a difference. In particular, we enjoy serving companies & law firms because the unique recruiting needs of these organizations and their owners are best suited to the skills and values we bring to our clients.

One critical aspect of our job is to build and maintain long term, trust-based relationships with the clients we serve. Having strong relationships with our clients is something we are proud of and this ability enables us to better identify, anticipate, and ultimately resolve whatever challenges and issues our clients are facing.

Equally important to having strong client relationships is having strategic vision, technical recruiting expertise, and sound business judgment. We have developed a broad base of strategic and technical recruiting knowledge, further allowing us the ability to identify and resolve client issues on: recruiting, talent acquisition, and human capital issues related to mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. We serve clients in a vast array of businesses and industries giving us a unique perspective on what makes businesses successful. 

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Kip M. Knippel, Esq.

President & CEO


Kip has learned that clients like to have a quarterback or “go-to” person they can talk to about their strategic talent needs. He likes being in that quarterback role for the clients we serve.

The large network of relationships Kip has developed within the Twin Cities and the national business and legal communities, along with his broad technical recruiting expertise, enable him to bring the right resources to help our clients solve their most difficult executive recruiting, talent acquisition and business challenges.

Multiple years while in private law practice, Kip was named a Minnesota Super Lawyers Rising Star. He is a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association and a former Minnesota State Senate candidate.

Kip is married with three children, heavily involved in coaching youth athletics, an avid triathlete, marathoner, and fitness & weight training enthusiast.

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